How to Write a Great Thank-You Note for E-Commerce Companies

How to Write a Great Thank-You Note for E-Commerce Companies

If you are into doing business online, you might ask yourself how to write a good thank-you note for your business partners. However, the Internet is a wide place with many things to do. What’s more, it has never been easier to use it! It is estimated that over 4.57 billion people worldwide use the internet in 2020. If you need any information—you go online and find it. If you want to gain new knowledge or a new skill—you search for a school or a course online and—voilà: You are a new student!

But what seems to strike everyone most is definitely doing business online. Or, in other words, e-commerce. So the question remains—what is e-commerce really? 

This article will explain what e-commerce is, how to make customers happy, and how to keep them. And, perhaps most importantly, how to write a great thank-you note for e-commerce companies. Also, you will get eight great suggestions on how to do that. So, stick with us, and you will be surprised!

What Is E-Commerce and Why Is It So Popular Today?

As many people find the Internet useful for a wide scope of purposes, online shopping is definitely at the top. This is where e-commerce jumps right in. It is a summary of online selling, shopping, and doing business online in general. Its main purpose is selling physical products online, but it can also be used for other kinds of business online.

How do people do e-commerce?

The answer is simple— all you need is a website, ideally a social network account, and a wide network of customers.

Also, customers will find it a lot more convenient to do their shopping online too, which means the chances that both sides will end up satisfied are increased. Therefore, it is estimated that there are over 20 million e-commerce companies throughout the world.

They all sell different products or services. But their goal is the same: to attract new clients and keep their old ones. So how do e-commerce companies do that? Attracting new clients is never easy—it takes time, good social networking skills, and continuous advertising.

The main idea is to keep the clients once you’ve got them and to make them satisfied. If you succeed, your e-commerce company is on a good track to maintain good work in the future. Luckily, modern technology and social media have made our personal lives, and our business lives a lot easier.

Almost 60% of all Americans are happy with the customer support from companies on social media. Also, more than 77% of customers worldwide say they would recommend a company to others after having a positive experience with it. 

A Happy Customer = A Happy Business

It’s never easy to please everyone. But, if you are an e-commerce owner, you are probably familiar with how hard it is to make and keep a client. It is tough for a start-up company to break its way through competitors and find its place in the market, but it’s not impossible. All it takes is a high-quality product or service to offer and a great relationship with your customers. The latter one might even count most. But, if you are successful in that, your business likely has a bright future ahead.

The reason is simple—your customers will tell other potential customers about your e-commerce company and their (hopefully positive) experience with it—so the network grows. So what is in it for you?

Continuous work will deliver! You will most probably have your business image created, and more and more people will hear about what it is that you do. And most importantly—how well you do it! All in all, a win-win….

How to Thank Your Customers When Doing E-Commerce Business with Them?

Now, this is the most interesting part of all. Saying “thank you” should never be hard for anyone in real life, especially when it comes to your business.

However, if an e-commerce company is serious about expanding its business, it must find a proper way to say “thank you.” And, more importantly, to really mean it. This can be done in many ways, and here are some good tips on how to do it effectively.

But do remember this: before you start thinking of ways to thank your customers, you should first take care of the following:

  • Identifying the people you are saying “thank you” to (a one-time buyer, regular customers, or anyone who has contacted your support)
  • Setting up a budget, which does not have to be high—you primarily need good and creative ideas
  • Building a continuous process, for example, sending a thank-you note to everyone or just occasionally to some customers. Either way, you might even build a small team that will help you organize it all for you

After taking care of these, you can start thinking about ways to wrap up your thank-you note nicely. It can be done in numerous ways. Some of them include:

An Automated Thank-You Note

These can come in handy when saying “thank you” to any customer who has:

  • Signed up for your newsletter, or
  • Shown interest in your e-commerce business at least once

An automated thank-you note can be constructive when reminding your customers about your existence online. And, of course, as an invitation to follow you on other social media channels and networking in the future. Needless to point out that they can be a good substitute for a welcome email.

Thank-You-for-Your-Purchase Note

This kind of thank-you note is usually sent to customers right after making their purchase in your e-commerce company. It is also known as an “order confirmation email” and is sent to any customer that has chosen your product or service. 

Thank-You-for-Your-Feedback Note

An e-commerce company will send a thank-you note of this kind to any customer who has contacted their support. However, it is more of a note asking the receivers to leave a rating on how satisfied they were with the company’s service.

Aside from these conservative and typical “Thank you” notes, here are some ideas on how to make some genuine, personal, and creative ones:

A Handwritten Thank-You Note

This may be the most personal way of saying “thank you” to your customers. By sending this kind of a thank-you note, you are getting closer to your customer personally and spiritually. 

However, there are some things you need to consider when sending this type of note to thank your customers:

  • Have a well-designed card that shows your e-commerce business expertise
  • Include the customer’s full name at the beginning and end your note with a warm greeting
  • Be very specific about the reason you are sending it

A Thank-You-for-Your-Purchase Gift

Everyone loves to be paid attention, right? So including a small present in the box of your customer’s order from your e-commerce company is always a thoughtful way of saying “thank you” to them.

This should satisfy them and make them feel very special to your business. And eventually, it might help you turn them into returning long-time customers too. 

Sending a Personalized Video As a Thank-You Note to Your Customers

Although it might take some extra time to create them, personalized videos for your loyal customers should have a big impact on them. This can make them feel appreciated and unique in many ways. So, though it might be time-consuming for you, it can definitely be a wise long-term investment.

A Thank-You Note As a Post-Purchase Discount

When a customer finds a product or a service that they feel comfortable with, they will likely stick with that company in the future too. That is why it is a good idea to keep your customers close to your e-commerce business to choose this way to say “thank you.” We all love to save our money to be able to invest it somewhere else, too, right?

And hopefully purchase more of the product or services offered by your e-commerce business. Now, this is what a helping hand means for both sides!

Displaying Your Customers on Social Media As a Thank-You Note 

Everyone likes to feel special, so why not showcase your customers on social media or, even better, your official website? This is a great way to express your appreciation of them purchasing your product or service. But, more importantly, this way, you are bringing the spotlight right on them! And this will never go unnoticed!


Everyone loves to feel special and appreciated. If you are trying to make your e-commerce business big and grow bigger in the days to come, put your customers first. Let them know you appreciate their time and effort in looking into your e-commerce company offers and their decision to do it with YOU.

Saying “thank you” in any form is not a big time-consumer for your business, but it can definitely mean a lot to your customers. So, do try to take some time to show them how important they are to you personally and your e-commerce as well!


Text for an Automated Thank-You Note

Dear Customer, 

We highly appreciate the time and effort you have put into signing up for our newsletter and showing interest in our business. 

We will do our best to keep you informed about our company’s latest news and trends and keep you updated about the future steps our company will take.

Best regards,


Text for a Thank-You-for-Your-Purchase Note

“Dear Customer, 

we highly appreciate your choice to purchase our products/services. 

We will do our best to widen our product portfolio you can choose from in the future, all with one goal—to keep you, our customers, satisfied with our work and what we have to offer you. 

It would be our pleasure to continue doing business with you in the future. 

Best regards, 

…. “

Text for a Thank-You-for-Your-Feedback Note

“Dear customer, 

Thank you for choosing us to be your shopping choice!

It would mean a lot to our company if you could leave us feedback to know how to improve our services for you in the future.

Best regards,


We hope we’ve explained enough what to do to write several different kinds to e-commerce companies. Should you be interested in reading more about related topics, follow our blog at We hope you enjoy it further on!

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