Social Marketing 101—Beginners Guide

Social Marketing 101—Beginners Guide

Social marketing can be a tricky thing nowadays since there are so many work options available.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to reach the rest of the world by creating good social content, whether you want to put yourself on any social channel or want others to know about your product or services?

The answer is simple, and so are the actions you can take if you know how to use them correctly—the key lies in social marketing. 

According to some estimates, around 3.6 billion people are currently using social media either personally or professionally.

What Is Social Marketing?

Today, we live in the world of modern technology and social media that surround us round the clock. It makes it easier to tell others about your business, offer a product or a service, or make others aware of your company’s existence in general.

That is what social channels are used for.

By creating high-quality social content, you can rest assured that your message will be delivered exactly where you want it to be.

This is the idea of social marketing: To share your piece of mind, an opinion, or a piece of information. Then, place it right where you want it to be with millions and billions of people! 

Social marketing will help you to spread the word about your business by using numerous analytics tools that help you to keep track of the effectiveness of all the social content that you are sharing through all the social channels.

They will also make sure that you are constantly aware of how well your promotion is performing, how many people you have reached, and, of course, how many visitors have turned into actual customers.

This is what social marketing does for you as an individual and for your business.

Especially if you are a fresh beginner in this field and want to test how well social media is actually working for you. 

What Are the Purposes of Using Social Marketing?

There are many reasons you should use social marketing to promote your business.

This especially refers to new companies trying to find their place under the big sun of all the competitors out there and actually make an appearance in the digital world. Social marketing can help you in the following ways.

However, it:

  • Brings awareness to your brand and allows people to get to know your business more closely through different social channels.
  • Improves your communication with both potential and existing customers. The aim is to receive better and more direct feedback about your company, your product, and your service.
  • Enables others to spread the word about your business. That is, to introduce others to your company by sharing social content on their profiles or through other social media channels, and to actually widen the network of potential future customers you might come across.
  • Empowers you to drive sales as you can get to know your audience much better to start creating more engaging social media campaigns targeted to their interests, and needs.
  • Grows your list of leads. This means people interested in learning more about what you are doing, and can help you spread the word about even more through their social networks and social channels.
  • Helps you get in touch with potential clients through numerous social channels and platforms to bring awareness to your company. Furthermore, it enables you to engage with potential clients and convert them into actual clients in the future.

What Platforms Can Be Useful for Social Marketing?

Should you be a beginner at social media and promoting your new business on social channels, you might ask yourself where to start and how to structure the social content you are trying to share with your potential customers.

Numerous platforms and social channels that come in handy when trying to promote your business have multiple purposes. They are there to help you get engaged with your audience and also. create a network of people doing the same or similar types of work. Or to get more people who will get to know you.

Surely, not all of them have the same purpose or are used in the same way. But still, they all share similar goals: to help you attract new customers. So how can you do that? Read the following text to understand better how to manage your social content more effectively and productively:


Facebook is one of the most commonly used social channels both by individuals and businesses.

In the sense of personal usage, users can get in touch with their family and friends and widen their friendships by getting to know other people through their scope of friends or meeting online independently. It also allows people to post different social content such as images, videos or browse for fun. What individuals need to start:

  • Create a profile by registering
  • Put in a profile picture
  • Fill in further personal information optionally
  • Find friends and connect with them
  • Use it to chat with friends, get to know new people, find articles that they are curious about, and much more

Alternatively, using Facebook for business purposes is very useful, especially bearing considering Facebook’s main feature for promoting businesses – Facebook Ads. As surprising as it sounds, Facebook is used by over 1.6 billion users for promoting their small business. This can be very helpful to know if you are a fresh starter. If you would like to promote your business on this channel, all you need to do is the following:

  • Create a Page for your business (similar to creating a private profile)
  • Set goals for using Facebook to promote your business and why you want to use this particular channel, e.g., bringing awareness to your business, driving sales and leads, increasing community engagement.
  • Get to know your audience and target it accordingly, putting yourself into your audience’s shoes and thinking about who your audience might be: How old are they, their lifestyles, what kind of jobs they have, their interests, why would they be interested in your business.
  • Be very active in using your social channel by posting regular social content to keep the existing circle of customers or visitors of your website or Facebook Page and expand the network of your potential customers. Ways to do this are writing a blog, sharing interesting news in the field of your business expertise, photos, videos. Also, any other kind of appealing social content that you think might be informational and/or useful for your clients is useful.
  • Schedule your posts and make sure you deliver them appropriately and at the right time to keep your audience in touch with your work
  • Set up and create Facebook Ads to help you promote the products or services that you offer with engaging content and a call to action

Of course, you can do many other things on Facebook, but we have covered some of the major ones here in a nutshell.


Twitter is the fifth most used social media network to promote businesses online. However, even though it has certain similarities to Facebook, it differs from it in some aspects. 

If you choose to use Twitter to communicate your content and engage more with potential customers, you can do the following:

  • Get to know your competitors, define your own business strategy, and compare it to theirs. The aim is to put your company ahead of them on social media.
  • Assign roles, such as an administrator role, to keep track of all the content being published on your account and will make sure to post regularly to keep the clients updated about the latest trends your company has to offer.
  • Make a social content calendar or schedule and stick to it. This way, your followers are always up-to-date with the latest trends in your business strategy and your future business plans.


Instagram is a social network primarily based on pictures and videos, as opposed to Facebook and Twitter. 

If you want to start advertising your business on Instagram, there are several steps to be followed:

  • Create an Instagram profile for your business.
  • Set your goals and objectives.
  • Create a posting schedule and stick to it.
  • Engage with your audience through your content.
  • Watch your business grow successfully.


LinkedIn is a social channel specially created for businesses. It enables people to become acquainted with many competitors and companies providing different kinds of services. Also, it will help you get in touch with the businesses that provide products similar to yours. The principles of using this social network are easy and include:

  • Setting up your business profile along with your professional business picture
  • Determining the goals that will help you create your campaigns in the future
  • Launching your campaign

These are just some examples of all the social media channels out there that can help you:

  • Start your business
  • Create high-performance business campaigns
  • Expand the network of both your associates and clients

All of them can be done through attractive and informative content and drive sales and leads. Undoubtedly, it will make you feel like an accomplished businessperson.

There are more of them, but their aims and usage vary according to the goal you want to achieve.

How Can I Promote My Product or Service by Using Social Marketing?

Getting in touch with the right audience, potential clients, and improving your effectiveness in converting leads to customers has never been easier. This is all thanks to modern social media and networking platforms.

If you are a fresh starter in your new business or career and want to spread the word about your organization, there are only a few steps you need to take:

  • Choose the right social channel and platform to promote your business
  • Create attractive social content for your post as a way to engage your audience and attract new clients
  • Stick to a posting schedule for all your social media, but keep in mind, not to over-promote
  • Always reply to your audience. Give them the best possible follow-up and feedback on any concerns they might have about your business
  • Try to find the audience that will find what your business has to offer appealing. Try to keep them as close to you as possible at all times

I hope that this article helped you understand what social marketing can do for you and your business; good luck with your work!

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